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Trucking Accidents

   There are not many people who drive on Alabama’s highways who have not been intimidated or come close to having an accident with a tractor trailer or other large truck.  It is not unusual for a tractor trailer to pass other vehicles on the interstate running in excess of 80 miles an hour carrying a large load.  When a truck is involved in an accident, in excess of 90% of the time, someone in the other vehicle involved in the accident is either injured or killed.  Typically, a fully loaded large tractor trailer can weigh 80,000 pounds or more while an average passenger automobile will weigh approximately 3,000 pounds.  It is easily understandable why, in most instances, the driver of the tractor trailer walks away uninjured. 

    The number of trucks and automobiles on the roads of Alabama continue to increase and there is no reason to expect the number of trucks and automobiles will decrease.  Additionally, the number of accidents involving tractor trailers and large trucks continue to increase at a greater rate than accidents involving automobiles only.  There are a number of reasons as a cause of accidents involving large trucks with most of those reasons caused by the negligence of either the driver or the owner of the truck.

    In a study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the top 10 factors as the cause of accidents involving large trucks and their drivers were: 

·                    Brake problems

·                    Traffic flow interruption (congestion, previous crash)

·                    Prescription drug use

·                    Traveling too fast for conditions

·                    Unfamiliarity with the roadway

·                    Roadway problems

·                    Required to stop before crash (traffic control device, crosswalk)

·                    Over the counter drug use

·                    Inadequate surveillance

·                    Fatigue 

Additional reasons for accidents caused by trucks and their drivers are: 

·                    Tire problems

·                    Following too closely

·                    Cargo shift

·                    Jackknifing

·                    Internal distraction

·                    Illegal drugs

·                    Alcohol

·                    Unrealistic schedules

·                    Tailgating

·                    Cell phone use

·                    Failure to install blind spot mirrors

·                    Long work shifts

·                    Illness

    It is no unusual for truckers to drive for long periods of time without a break.  Although truckers are required to limit the amount of time they drive each 24 hours and to record their driving in a log book, truckers will often fudge or cheat on their driving in order to satisfy the carrier’s unrealistic schedule.  It is not unusual for a trucker to drive 24 hours and be half asleep at the wheel of an 80,000 truck.

    In most instances, within a short time frame after an accident involving a tractor trailer, the company will send its representative to the accident site.  Its representative’s primary task is to do everything at the scene of the accident which will allow the trucking company to limit or mitigate the company’s liability.  Too often the victim of a trucking accident is left to struggle through the difficult time with the after effects of a serious injury.  Very often the injured party’s primary concern is who is going to take care of his or her family while he is away and whether he will recover from his injuries.  The last thing he has on his mind is attempting to preserve evidence of the accident in order to receive compensation for his injuries.  Compensation for his injuries which an injured party may be entitled to recover including compensation for medical bills, lost wages, mental distress, pain and suffering, etc.

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